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Veteran Nollywood actor Dan Nkoloagu dies at 84

Veteran Nollywood actor, Dan Nkoloagu has died following health complications. He was 84 years old.

According to his son, Dan Nkoloagu Jr, who broke the news on his Facebook page, the actor passed away on Friday, January 22.

“It was a black Friday for us as my Dad left us without saying goodbye,” Nkoloagu Jr wrote on his Facebook page with a picture of his late dad on the hospital bed.

Nkoloagu Jr told The Punch that his father had been in and out of the hospital for over a year. “My father had been sick for over a year; he had been in and out of the hospital.

“He had so many health challenges and it eventually led to his death. He had been battling with arthritis, some prostrate issues and other complications.”

The son also revealed that although his father was well known for portraying the role of a herbalist in films, he did not believe in voodoo.

“In real life, my father frowned against voodoo. It was a no-no for him,” he told The Punch. “He does not believe in voodoo and all that. He also acted in other roles, not just the voodoo roles, it just happened that those roles were how he made his landmark in the industry. That was how people knew him. His input in the film industry is a direct opposite of his lifestyle.”

Some of Dan Nkoloagu’s film credits are; ‘40 days and 40 Nights’, ‘Okada Man’, ‘Warriors Heart’, ‘My Vision’, ‘Midwife’, ‘Royal Doom’, ‘Alice my First Lady’ and ‘Moments of tears’.

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