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There’s no evidence that Hydrogen Peroxide prevents coronavirus – Immunologist

Immunologist Dr. Yaw Bediako has dismissed claims by a former Provost of the College of Health Sciences of the University of Ghana, Rev. Emeritus Prof. Andrews Seth Ayettey, that hydrogen peroxide works in the prevention of coronavirus.

Dr. Bediako told Abena Tabi on TV3’s Key Point Saturday, February 6 that there is no scientific research to back the assertions.

“Recommendations have been made for specific usage so yes, hydrogen peroxide being used as a disinfectant to disinfect facemasks, disinfect surfaces is high appropriate,” he stated.

“It is a very different thing to now say that hydrogen peroxide has the ability to protect from covid-19. The idea that I am going to protect myself from contracting COVID-19 with hydrogen peroxide in my view, there is no evidence for it. The GMA’s point is that we must refrain from recommendations until we have sufficient evidence because this is a pandemic and people are desperately looking for solutions and so any statement made by senior medical persons like Prof Aryettey and his team, is going to be taken as a fact.” he added.

To him, Prof Ayettey and his team’s report is not an observational study but a piece of anecdotal evidence.

Meanwhile, the Director of Public Health at the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr Asiedu Bekoe, has said that the GHS is not against claims by Prof. Ayettey that hydrogen peroxide works in the prevention of coronavirus.

He said the GHS requires additional evidence to that effect before it accepts the claim.

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