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The whites would have killed us easily without coronavirus vaccination – Okoe-Boye

The former Deputy Health Minister, Dr Bernard Okoe-Boye, has disclosed that the idea to develop the new coronavirus vaccines by foreign doctors is to save lives and not kill people as perceived.

According to Dr Okoe-Boye, the whites would have killed Africans easily if their only objective is to wipe out the growing population of the African continent.

Speaking on Okay FM’s morning show, the former Deputy Health Minister noted that for a continent that consumes a lot of foreign produce, the easiest way to kill most people would be through the food we consume and the stuff they wear.

“You said the vaccines were done by whites so you won’t inject, but meanwhile, you wear and eat stuff that is not made in Ghana,” Dr Okoe-Boye said during the interview on Monday, February 1, 2021.

Adding, “If a white man wants to kill you, the fastest place he will use is through what you consume because it goes straight into your intestines. So why do you claim they want to kill you now after everything.”

He, however, noted that Ghana has an advantage over the vaccination which has commenced in abroad because it will reduce the spread of the virus which is imported through the ports.

“One of the benefiting things about this vaccination is that once they’ve started it abroad it means the spread is going to be less because that is where the virus is imported from. Just look at how they got the 2nd wave now we are also experiencing a 2nd wave through the ports.”

President Akufo-Addo in his recent address to the country revealed that Ghana will receive its first batch of coronavirus vaccine by March this year. He noted that the government is hoping to vaccinate the entire population beginning with 20 million people.

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