Monday, June 17, 2024

SCARED! Post-Covid-19 complications killing many who have recovered – Ridge Hospital Medical Director

Medical Director at the Ridge Hospital has revealed some patients who have recovered from Covid-19 are reporting back to the hospital with complications which are suspected to have been caused by the coronavirus.

Dr Emmanuel Srofenyo told Joy News these post-Covid complications are killing many who have already survived the virus.

He explained that the leftover complications stay on the lungs thus people sometimes have difficulty in breathing or general fatigue even after recovering.

This, he said, could be fatal.

“Sometimes you can get Covid, your test may turn negative but you may still come to the hospital with severe respiratory complications or severe cardiovascular complications.”

“We have seen clearly there are some people who have survived Covid but die from the post complications,” he said.

Dr Srofenyo stated that it is important people who have recovered from the virus keep their guard up to ensure they do not suffer any complications afterwards.

“They must remain in close contact with their doctors, continue to attend their medical check-ups, so, that they can be taken through the long and overall space of time to ensure that they are completely fine,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s Covid-19 cases is on the rise. In about a month the country has moved from less than a thousand cases to 6,086 cases.

The death toll has also moved up to 440.

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