Friday, June 21, 2024

Queen Peezy disses Patapaa, wife in new song

Ex-girlfriend of Patapaa, Queen Peezy also known as Lady Blue has released a song directed at him for ’dumping’ her for ’obroni p3t3.’

The song is a letter to her ex-boyfriend Patapaa for ditching her for a white lady (obroni p3t3).

Listening to the lyrics of the song, she details how the one corner hitmaker, whom she regarded as a best friend abandoned her for ’obroni pete.’

After their break up, Queen Peezy found love in the bosom of Bukom Banku. In a video exclusive to SVTV Africa, Bukom offered her a promise ring on Valentine’s day as a sign of his love for her

Listen to the song below

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