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Paul Dogboe ‘upset’ with Isaac Dogboe

Paul Dogboe, the former manager of Isaac Dogboe has said he was incensed with the manner the boxer communicated his decision to end his relationship with him as his trainer and manager.

Dogboe in a Starr FM interview confirmed that he has made changes to his management and coaching teams.

These changes affected Paul Dogboe who has for long served as the trainer and manager for Dogboe.

“Right now I’m self-managed, no more managed by my dad, a lot happened over the years and since I took control I said to myself, It’s time to restructure and rebuild some of the bridges that were broken. A lot of people are putting our situation in a negative light. The only thing happening between my father and me is that he’s no more training and managing me and I don’t see anything negative about that”, he said.

“I informed him of my decision to want to be in charge and everything is fine, I hold my family in very high esteem. I believe if there’s any problem between myself and my father, I believe he can call and sit me down as a son and talk to me.”

Paul Dogboe told Starr FM that inasmuch as he has no reservations about the move by his son, he was upset by how he went about it.

Paul Dogboe lamented that he would have been badly hit if he put all his eggs in one basket which is his son’s career.

He wished him well and expressed confidence that his son will excel in his field.

“I’m not angry that Isaac said I can’t manage him anymore but the way he went about it upset me a little bit, he just sent me a text one day informing of his decision,” he said.

“I asked myself, what if I spent all my time and money with him and had nothing, he’d have screwed me over with this decision. The decision he took is not a bad idea but he has to find his footing. He has to make sure he makes it. It’s a challenge to him but I don’t think he’s going to fail. He can’t fail,” Paul added.

Isaac Dogboe will do well because he’s got everything. The foundation is good so if he does things well, he’s going to excel and I wish him well”

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