Sunday, June 16, 2024

Man drives G-Wagon to work just to send a cryptic message to a lady superior who sent him to buy her food

A social media user has shared a rather funny story on how he went to his workplace one day in a G-wagon.

According to the netizen with the handle @rsvptemple, there was this lady who happened to be one of the superiors in his office.

One day, the lady called for him and then asked him to go and buy her food something he found annoying.

He continued that the next he decided to show up in the office driving a G-Wagon.

The netizen stated that the decision to go to work with a G-Wagon was to make the lady and other superiors who had the intention of sending him to think twice.

“Last place I work, some senior lady sent me to buy her food. Next day, I drove a g wagon to work as a silent warning,” he posted.

See screenshot of his post below:

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