Thursday, June 20, 2024

Man Curses Lady Who Made Him Travel From Tarkwa To Techiman In Order To Meet Her But Failed To Show Up

A Ghanaian man is seething with anger on social media after a lady he was trying to woo pulled a fast one on him. 

Apparently, after flirting with this lady for some time online, they both agreed to meet each other in Techiman where the lady stays. Thus the man-made the trip from his end at Tarkwa and went all the way to Techiman but sadly the lady failed to meet him.

To make matter worst she switched her off her phone and all attempt to locate her proved futile. This angered the man so much that he took to Facebook after he returned and rain curses on the lady.

What Did You Gain By Making Me Travel All The Way From Tarkwa To Techiman Only For You To Switch Off Ur Phone The Whole Day? God Will Punish U This Girl Paa. U Are On This Platform. I Will Mention Your Name If U Don’t Apologise

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