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Did you amass this wealth in 4 years? – Social media users react to Eugene Arhin’s properties

Eugene Arhin, the Director of Communications at the Presidency is about to experience divorce but that is certainly not the headache of majority of Ghanaians on social media.

Instead, it is the number of properties listed in the suit by his wife which has attracted the attention of Ghanaians and become a subject of interest.

Did he amass this wealth in a space of four years? This appears to be the question on the minds of Ghanaians who have been gobsmacked by the properties he owns.

Gloria Assan Arhin is praying the Accra High Court to grant her divorce request and also give her a number of properties.

The properties include a five-bedroom residential property (which was intended to be the matrimonial home of the parties) situated on a two-plot of land lying at East Legon in Accra; a four-storey building comprising 16 separate flats/apartments situated on a parcel of land at Bubiashie in Accra which land was acquired from a family friend of the petitioner. A storey building currently being constructed which comprises of 16 separate flats/apartments situated at Tuba-Weija in Accra.

These are but just three of the over twenty properties being sought after by the wife as part of the divorce.

Social media users have been questioning how he got those properties and also advising footsoldiers who do not enjoy direct benefits from politics to stop fighting people.










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