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Covid-19: I suffered from erectile dysfunction – Celestine Donkor’s husband

Husband of Gospel Singer Celestine Donkor says he suffered from erectile dysfunction when he recovered fully from Covid-19.

In a Facebook post, Kofi Donkor said he and his wife had contracted the virus in December 2020 but he recovered faster.

He said he found out later that he had no erection accompanied by a loss of apetite.

“COVID IS REAL! On 19th December 2020, my wife and I tested positive for COVID. My recovery was faster than expected.”

“Fast forward, about 10 days after my recovery I was struggling with appetite and worst of all I had no erection. Please mask-up! #maskup,” his post read.

Meanwhile, it does not look like the side effect stayed for long because Celestine Donkor had commented on the post seemingly reechoing his advice.

“COVID IS REAL” MASK UP!! As for the erection part, it had no choice than to resurrect immediately I also recovered,” she wrote.

This comes after the Ghana Medical Association confirmed erectile dysfunction as a side effect of Covid-19.

This information, according to Vice President of the Association, Dr Frank Serebour stems from several complaints reaching health experts by persons who had once contracted the virus.

“Some studies suggest some men who have fully recovered from the virus infection are not experiencing penis erection for sexual pleasure,” he stated.

Dr Serebour, speaking in an interview noted that the aftermaths of the coronavirus have proven to be dire and alarming, hence the need for Ghanaians to adhere to the laid out safety protocols.

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