I swear, If I hear that Okraku Mantey has been nominated as Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister, I would be forced to form a political party which will oppose the current government because Mark Okraku has no knowledge which will help push the industry forward,” he angrily said in a video.

 Mark Okraku Mantey, Mark Okraku Mantey,

Shatta Wale’s dislike towards Mark Okraku Mantey isn’t new due to a business gone wrong. The dancehall act claims that back then when he was Bandana, the Hitz FM programmes manager cheated him in a music distribution deal.

Apart from Mark owes him, he quizzed that “let Mark Okraku come and tell us the kind of change he has brought to the Creative industry all these years he has been there? He’s part of Mentor and how many of those people have left music and have now left music and are doing their private business?”

Reiterating his disagreement with the likes of George Quaye, Sadiq Abdulai, Prince Tsegah aka The Don among others who have been campaigning for Mark to get the Deputy Minister job, Shatta said: “If Okraku Mantey is appointed as Deputy Minister for the Creative Arts, I will pick a form, form a party and I will rise with the youth to fight for what is due us.”

Hear more from him in the video below: